I have a sack in which I carry,
All of my burdens with me,
My worries, my sorrows, my pain and my hurt,
Each as large as a tree.
I grew tired of dragging along,
This burden wherever I went,
My back was aching, knees were quaking,
And my energy was spent.
I knew that I had to be rid of,
This thing that held me back,
So I sought to dispose of it,
This awful, terrible sack.
I dug a hole so very deep,
That is couldn't see the light,
I dumped my sack and buried it there,
Sealing the hole up tight.
But when I began my trekk again,
I suddenly fell to the ground,
And saw my sack attached to me,
When I finally turned around.
Annoyed but determined to win this fight,
I devised another plan,
I chopped up the contents and set them on fire,
Then quickly turned and ran.
Wiping my brow and catching my breath,
I thought that I had won,
But when the sack appeared again I knew,
The struggle had only begun.
I sat right down and hung my head,
Knowing I was beat,
And began to cry such bitter tears,
Of complete and utter defeat.
I cried so long, so deep, so hard,
I cried myself a creek,
And I had in me one last try,
Though the outcome was bleak.
I grabbed that awful, nasty sack,
Of things that weighed me down,
And angrily tossed it into the creek,
Hoping that is would drown.
But as I saw that old sack float,
And my hopes sink instead,
My sack got bigger with my sorrows,
And I could not lift my head.
Not even to see someone standing there,
With a loving look on His face,
And I did not see His hand stretched out,
In a gesture of amazing grace.
He took my sack off of my shoulders,
And placed it on His own,
And the love and care He has for me,
Was very clearly shown.
So now every burden that I possess,
I no longer have to keep,
For I give them to my Great Shepherd,
And He cares for me, His sheep.


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