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"Of Course She is Strong, She is Loved"

I was sitting in a theater last year, and I don’t even remember what movie I was going to see. 
But I do remember a trailer for a movie called “ A Kingdom United”. 
The movie was about an English woman that married an African prince and the hardships they faced when his people did not want this woman as their queen. The movie itself is not significant, but there was one quote from that trailer stuck out to me. 
Two of the African women were talking about the English woman, and they were marveling at her strength.
“Of course she is strong, she is a woman that is loved”
A Woman That Is Loved This quote resonated with me, because I too am a woman that is loved. And not just loved by other people, although I am and for that I am very grateful.
But I am loved with strength and a fervor that cannot be matched by any other.
This Love is not a passive love, but a pursuing love.
This Love is not a permissive love, but a love that will not allow me to continue in paths that are harmful. 
This Love is not…

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