Do you ever question His love for you?
Or the stars up in the sky?
Crafted by our Maker's hand,
Not if, my love, but why?
Why would He send His only son,
For sinners such as we?
Because of His great love for us,
Too grand for us to fully see.
Do you ever question the Lord's creation?
The things that were and are now?
The wonders of the universe,
Not if, my child, but how?
By His awesome, all-consuming power,
That none can comprehend,
He placed the stars up in the sky,
And broken hearts He can mend.
Do you ever question the Lord's return?
With it's grand and glorious din?
The wonder of His beautiful presences,
Not if, my dear, but when?
If He tarries not then soon we shall see,
The coming of our King,
Still no one knows the day or the hour,
Be prepared for anything!
There are many things we don't understand,
That God would have us not know,
So we might believe with faith like a child,
And with that faith, grow.


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