The Broken Path

There was a road where two paths met,
And two lives intersected,
Their whole lives soon would change,
And every area was affected.
The path was straight for a good long while,
And the sun, it shone above,
And before long he cared for her,
Before long they fell in love.
Flowers grew along the path,
Blooming on each side,
He picked and put them in her hair,
And in him she did confide.
The stars, they smiled down on them,
And his smile warmed her heart,
He promised marriage and life and love,
And to never be apart.
The days, they went on like so,
In happy careless bliss,
And she wished down in her heart,
That all could feel like this.
And though the path had since been straight,
Up ahead lie a dark bend,
"This looks hard", she thought in her mind,
But she never dreamed it'd hold the end.
He, however, knew that it did,
But kept it deep inside,
Maybe it was because of his fear,
Perhaps because of his pride.
Nevertheless, she did not know,
What lie around this curve.
She stood tall and took a breath,
Determined her love would not swerve.
So she took his hand and carried on,
And he did not hesitate,
How could she possibly know?
She thought that he was great.
But when they reached around the bend,
The path, it split in two,
They stopped, she smiled up at him,
"You choose, I'll go with you".
But he let go and frowned a bit,
And said "I'll go, just me."
He said he'd known for quite some time,
They just weren't meant to be.
Stunned she stood, and asked him why,
But he just turned to go,
Said he didn't mean what he'd said,
And she felt used and so low.
Not sure how to understand,
The things that had just been said,
She picked up the pieces of her broken heart,
And slowly moved ahead.
And though she hurt so very bad,
She felt a peace from above,
Reminding her to whom she belonged,
The Father of perfect love.
The path ahead was very rough,
And she stumbled time and again,
She didn't know how she would once more love,
Who, or where, or when?
But she knew the Father knew,
And that He would write her story,
Whatever was most pleasing to Him,
Whatever brought Him most glory.
So though she knew she would never forget,
That boy who broke her heart,
She knew God had someone better for her,
And at once began her new start.


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