The paradox of winter,
The leaves, they all have died,
The cold wind howls around us,
Forcing warmth from the inside.
The dark comes creeping sooner,
But lights from indoors glow,
Finding warmth in one another,
Amidst the winter snow.
The birth of Christ our Savior,
Celebrated this time of year,
Though the winter dark creeps in,
He has conquered all fear.
This time has been a winter,
This season of my days,
I have cried and laughed and learned,
And been blessed in many ways.
Cut off from some old things,
But strangely I did grow,
The me that was hidden down inside,
Now had a chance to show.
This time of life is teaching me,
My trees are all laid bare,
Leaving room for better things,
To replace what had been there.
This winter has been a cold one,
But warmth has flooded through me,
From family and from friends,
Who have shown their love to me.
And through the deepest winter,
And in the darkest night,
I've always been comforted,
By the One who is the Light.
The paradox of winter,
Things buried in the snow,
But every seed must die,
Before it begins to grow.


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