Dear Heavenly Father,

    I am overwhelmed.  
By this life. by trials, by decisions. 
                                      By friends, by not-friends, by family, by school.
                                                                           By problems, by secrets, by confidences and expectations.
                                                 By the world, by the need, by the future. 
                                                                                    By plans and things up in the air.
 By the unknown.
     But You 
O Father, You know. You have it under control.

Please God, I lift these things to You, every single one of them.
 My broken relationships.
                                                                                                                    My sinful anger and pride. 
My knee-jerk reactions and regrets. 
                                                                   I'm sorry Lord forgive me! 
O God, I pray not that you would keep me from being overwhelmed, but that You would overwhelm me. 
   With Your mercy, Your grace. 
                                      Your awesomeness, Your sovereignty. 
                                                                         Your faithfulness, Your forgiveness. 
                                                                                                        Your love, Your power, Your holiness. 
                                                                              Your complete and utter perfection. 
                                                            Your everything O God.
Overwhelm me with these, and my life and troubles seem so small. 
Thank You O Lord, I love You dear God.


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