Planting in Faith

I sowed a seed of hope today,
With faith I filled the hole,
With love I watered the thirsty ground,
Entrusted it to the one who saved my soul.
I tended to it faithfully,
Yet did not see a sprout,
I wondered why it did not grow,
And was tempted to dig it out.
Was this what I thought it was?
Should I have planted this seed?
Maybe this is not what I want,
Perhaps it's not what I need.
I felt the doubts crawl in my ear,
And a cry left my lips,
I fell to the ground and felt the dirt,
Beneath my fingertips.
As the sky began to cry,
With what I was to do,
I stopped for a moment there in time,
To think all of this through.
I had planted this seed in good faith,
And trusted the Lord alone,
What was different now?
What of that hope I had sown?
How many things in the past,
Has the Lord done without me?
Without me needing to know,
How things came to be?
So there I got up off my knees,
And slowly walked away,
Then wondered at the things I'd learned,
About faith and hope that day.
Since then I've seen my garden grow,
Each seed in it's time,
That 1st seed has grown a tree,
Vast and sublime.
Now when I feel the need to doubt,
I look at that great tree,
And trust God with what I don't know,
And what I cannot see.
So now I don't dig up in doubt,
That which in faith I sowed,
And this, I think, will get me far,
Along life's winding road.

"Do not dig up in doubt what you've planted in faith." ~ Elizabeth Elliot


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