Dry Bones

I'm sitting dry,
In a valley of bones,
The wind, it screeches,
The ground, it moans.
The remains of life,
That used to be,
Ears that could hear,
Eyes that could see.
To sing again,
To embrace a friends.
I feel my own bones,
Parched through and through,
Who will help?
Come to my rescue!
The Lord connects them,
Bone to bone,
I stand in awe,
Of what I've been shown.
Covered in flesh,
Sinews attach,
Every piece,
Finding it's match.
Finally He covers,
It all with skin,
And they almost look,
Alive again.
I still feel like,
Living death,
Until God breathes,
In me His breathe.
My hope's renewed,
I live once more,
I'm ready now,
For what's in store.
Revive me O God,
With Your Spirit in me,
You've given me life,
And set me free.
Fill me O God,
With joy for You,
You keep Your Word,
I know You do.


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