Twas the night before finals

Twas the night before finals and all through the school,
Student's were saying, "I feel such a fool!"
Books were piled on their desks in fear,
Knowing the tests were ever so near.
The students dreamed of sleeping in their beds,
But visions of F's danced in their heads.
Decked out in sweatpants with hair all a muss,
We settle down to study and try not to fuss.
When there in the room arose such a clatter,
What my dear friends, what is the matter!?
We have hit that phase where we've lost our minds,
This type of crazy effects all kinds!
Hanging upside down, making fishy faces
Laughing at nothing, walking back and forth in paces.
What is this madness, what can be done?
I just want to leave, I just want to run!
Math and science and music and history,
Will any of us pass, oh the mystery!
But all of the sudden as the clock strikes midnight,
The students stare at their school notes in fright!
Finally sleep becomes a must do,
Even though the minutes will be very few.
Up with the sun, all of us wake, hopeful to avoid every mistkake.
While this is the repeat through all of the week,
Finally you'll find the rest that you seek.
So do not give up, you'll  make it through,
Happy finals week to us all, to me and to you!


  1. Haha, nice! I don't look forward to Finals week, but don't have to worry about them for a while.

  2. haha thanks! lolz they'll be here before you know it! xD


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