Here I am

Here I am,
In this place again,
O Lord it feels,
So different from when,
I stood on a mountaintop,
Gazing up at You,
When the wonder of Your love,
Consumed my view.
How'd I get down,
In this valley low,
I ache once more,
For that holy glow.
I trudge through the mud,
Of the everyday,
I know all the things,
To do and say.
But I'm missing that passion,
That fire inside,
When have I last prayed?
When have I last cried?
My eyes are dry,
But my heart is worn,
Tired of every,
Burden I've born.
I know exactly,
How to be refreshed,
I know exactly,
How to pass this test.
And though I know how,
I am powerless to complete,
In my own power,
This one simple feat.
I'm begging You Lord,
Fill my heart anew,
Abba, Father!
I want to be consumed by You!
Take these dry bones,
Make them live again,
Take my black heart,
Stained by all my sin,
Cleanse me O God,
Make this clay jar fit for You,
Break me, make me,
Whatever You must do.
Just don't leave me,
In my complacent state,
Not awestruck by the wonder,
Of my God so great.
Thank You O Lord,
For giving me breath,
I want to spend it for You,
From now until my death.
So I know I'll be,
On that mountain once more,
And I'll go through more valleys,
Of this I'm sure.
But I am also sure,
That my God stays the same,
And I will continually,
Praise His great name.


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