I Hunger for the Ordinary

    Some people live for the adventure. They live for the something different, the excitement of new things. They have tried that flavor of life and even though they liked it, they would love to see what all the other flavors taste like. Maybe it's the "what if". Maybe it's the draw of knowing that whatever comes next might be even better than now. They hunger for things out of the ordinary.

Not me

I hunger for the ordinary.

   I thirst for the routine of the every week, of the everyday. I draw comfort in seeing the same things, doing the same activities, talking to the same people. I thrive on the schedule of what comes next, knowing what to do and that I am capable of doing it. I adore the ordinary, but I hate the mundane.
   I think it is because, even in routine, everything is always changing. I go to the same church every week and sit in the same pew next to the same people and listen to the same preacher but I pray to God that I am not the same person coming back unchanged week after week. I go to the same work at the same time every week and see the same

but I know they are not exactly where they were last week.

I think I hunger for the ordinary because even the same is not the same. I see the extra-ordinary in the everyday. 
   The problem is that the ordinary doesn't last. Some times it is going to have to change. But life always finds a new ordinary. The balance beam of life, I think, is to not love the ordinary too much, for it shan't last. But not to hate it either, and ignore the beauty of the everyday due to longing for the excitement of the tomorrow. The most important thing of all is to hunger for the Living God. More than the excitement. More than the ordinary. To love Him enough to follow Him even if that means leaving the ordinary or forsaking the adventure. 
Because my God,
 He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
He is the God of the ordinary and the God of the adventure.
                                                                           He is the Saver of Souls and the Author of Life.
And He,
He is anything but ordinary.


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