The Answer to the Why

I have so much death I cannot live,
Yet too much life to die,
Paralyzed by the burning questions,
Loudest of all is why?
Drawing the answers from the air,
Like blood from my own veins,
Finding the what, the who, the how,
Yet still the why remains.
Purpose is something I need to find,
To make this heart keep beating,
The reason behind why I'm here,
However brief and fleeting.
On my own I cannot find,
A single reason to get by,
People leave and life moves on,
And everything must die.
If this is all there ever is,
Why should I get up today?
All is vain and then we pass,
Who could live this way?
But you tell me my life is planned,
From the beginning to the end,
Meaning and purpose are found in One,
Savior, Lord, and Friend.
The brightest Life that ever lived,
The most meaningful death He has died,
Risen again with my name written in,
His hands, His heart, His side.
He purchased me and set apart,
My days in His perfect will,
Prepared are His good works for me,
What honor, what joy, what thrill!
By His death I've been redeemed,
And in His life I live,
Breathing, dying, laughing, crying,
Meaning to life You give.


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