Where Has The Time Gone?

"I don't know where the time goes, but it goes."
       I sit in a musty room, surrounded by a lifetime's worth of knick-knacks, across from the woman with ninety five years of life written on her face.
      Where did the time go? If I could I would draw some out of my own veins and transfuse it into hers, but why? Because I don't want her to die. I don't want to see that. It's too scary, too real.
       But fifteen years without the love of her life, still not over the grief of loosing some one she spent 3/4ths of her life with. Children that don't call, eyes that can't read, a mind that can't remember. O Lord I wouldn't want that long on this earth.
"I'm so tired, but I don't know why?"
       Could it be the weight of those years? Memories upon memories and none of them will ever happen again.
                                     joy and sorrow,
                                                   years and years full.
        I look at my 22 years and I've seen enough to long for the time of resting in the presence of my Father.
                                                       95 years worth?
    No wonder the elderly creak with the pain of standing, all they must be standing up under! Lord, unless You return or call me home, someday that will be me.
   How does some one live like that?
   Where's the purpose in waking up just to lie awake?
    Your ways are higher than mine, I understand them not. You are outside of time but You have given me some to use, to invest, and to share.
    O Lord may I use it wisely. To share with those who are weary the hope of rest.
To invest in those who I might loose sooner rather than later.
To appreciate the beauty and gift of each day, and to know the only One who gives purpose to it all.

 I don't know where the time went.

 Perhaps it got returned to the One who lent it out in the first place.
But the better question is, what am I doing with it?


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