While My Heart Is Loving Idols

The church today tends not to think of itself as struggling with idolatry. We have no Asherah Pole. We have no graven images of imagined deities. We read the passage in Isaiah 44 and laugh at the fools of old that would carve their own gods out of half a tree and then cook their dinner over the rest.
That's crazy
That's absurd
That's stupid
I would never do that

But I do.

I take things that have a God given use and place in my life and I put them in a position that they do not belong.

A relationship, 
a hobby, 
a job,
 a ministry.

They each have their own God-given good purpose. Just like wood is meant for building and for fire. But once we carve it into something else, give it a glorified place, give it God's place, it can no longer do or be what it was supposed to be.

When we do that, we give it power over us. We allow it to dictate our mood, our actions, our thoughts.

We give it our worship. That heart of adoration and praise the only the Lord Almighty deserves to receive. We rob Him of that and we just give it away to something or some one else.

Not only that, but we are harming that which we raise to an unfitting position in our hearts and minds.

It is terrible to be viewed as God unless you are God. That person will never be good enough. That activity will never be satisfying. That job will never earn you enough and that ministry will never give you enough. It will never be enough because it is not supposed to be enough.

It is not enough.

If your idol is a person, your disappointment will be disproportionate to their mistake or failure, because you expect so much more of them. Don't you see? If you are giving your love and worship to something, shouldn't it be worth it? Don't you see? If it's not worth it, you are upset, because you put some much into it.

Don't you see?

Your idols are destroying you and you are destroying them
Our idols are destroying us and we are destroying them
My idols are destroying me and I am destroying them

i·dol ─źdl/ noun an image or representation of a god used as an object of worship.

Why would we want a representation when we have the real thing?
Why would we use something else to be an object of worship when we have unlimited access to the Only One worthy of it all?
Our hearts are longing to worship and adore and admire and revere.

So then let's do it.

The easiest way to excuse sin is to call it something else. Call it an obsession, call it a distraction, goodness even call it a weak spot but a sin? Isn't that a bit much?
Idolatry is sin
Putting something else in the place of God is sin
Giving our praise and worship to something or some one else is sin.

Another reason to call sin what it is, there is freedom in it. When we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us (1 John 1:9). We can't confess something we don't acknowledge

So often we go to church and praise the Lord, while our hearts are loving idols.

So let's stop.

We have the worthiest most wonderful object of worship right in front of us, and unlimited access to the God of the universe that also happens to be the Lover of our souls.

He is worthy
He is so worthy
He and only He is worthy.

Photo creds to Photos By Sophie


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