are drowning in a raging sea
Caught up in our own inadequacy 
All we think, all we say is 
me, me, me. 
All the while we want to be free
Yet we ignore the way we know how to be 
Disgusted by ourselves yet filled with self love 
Forgetting to fix our eyes on things above 
Instead of the Founder and Perfecter
We look to ourselves, the reflector 
When we stare at our empty reflection
We miss out on the divine recollection 
Turn the mirror of our souls 
To the Son that illuminates our deepest holes
Not to think less of ourselves, but of ourselves less 
Not striving to be noticed, not striving to impress 
Not looking to be blessed but looking to bless
This is how we overcome our self hate 
The pride that lies to puff up and berate 
The self pity that drives us to isolate 
The self destruction leading to an awful fate 
We were made to glorify the Name 
Father Son and Spirit, one in the same 
He took our sin, He bore our shame 
To heal what is broken, to fix what is lame 
We need not dwell on ourselves at all 
But on His holy name we call 
Before His throne prostrate fall
And worship at His feet 


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