Somtimes Missions Is...

Sometimes missions is flying 11+ hrs to only spend 4 days on the ground before you have to turn back.
Sometimes missions is sitting in the middle of a village competing for the attention of distracted children.
Sometimes it's asking your waitress how you can pray for her.
Sometimes it's reading the Scriptures to your old lady neighbor because she can't see anymore.
Sometimes it's talking to gang members in their own village.
Sometimes it's going without air conditioning, running water, and the basic creature comforts.
Sometimes it's waking up in the middle of the night to pray for your broken family.
Sometimes it's taking a stand for what you believe at the risk of your reputation.
Sometimes it's reverse culture shock, being overwhelmed at the world that you used to take for granted.
Sometimes it's tears in the middle of an airport knowing that even if they wanted to, nobody back home can understand what you've experienced.
Sometimes it's utter loneliness, knowing that now your perspective is so large you can't fit into any one place anymore.
All the time missions is having so many "homes" that you are abundantly aware of the fact that this world is not your home.
All the time it's out of the realm of what I can do.
All the time it's leaving something to be obedient.
All the time it's remembering that Christ is worthy to be worshiped.
All the time missions is calling others to give to God the glory and honor He is due.
And let me tell you my friends, all the time it is extremely, eternally worth it.


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