Chords of grace

Chords of grace
Throughout the years
That I can trace
Through joy and tears
Preparing me then
For where I am today
Though I couldn't see when
How or in what way
I did not even ask
Or know what to pray
The grace of a Savior
Who's love is so deep
Those for whom He died
He is faithful to keep
The grace of a Father
Who's care is complete
The needs of His children
He is faithful to meet
The grace of the Helper
Who's guidance is true
Christ's work in your life
He is faithful to do
Chords of grace
Throughout my days
That I can trace
In many ways
The paths I took
And did not take
Every choice
And every mistake
Doors I walked through
Without even knowing
Your purpose established
And Your faith in me growing
Chords of grace
Through my life
That I can trace
Through my current strife
Learning to trust
In the God who has bought me
Shown me and grown me
Kept me and brought me
The melody of love
With chords of grace
The song of my life
Reflecting Your face
When someday I hear
The whole orchestration
I'll kneel at Your throne
In humble adoration
In awe of the God
Who's grace sustains
When all else fades
His glory remains


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