Look, there is my heart,
Open and laid bare,
Oh the many things,
You will find there.
Secrets of the past,
That I have stored away,
I didn't want to see them again,
Gone I'd hoped they'd stay.
And look right there,
Come close and see,
Here are all of the things,
That make me me.
Dreams of the past,
That never came true,
All the events,
That led me to you,
All of the joy,
Laughter and regrets,
These are the things,
One never forgets.
And one last part,
You've yet to be shown,
The part that I've held,
Cultivated and grown.
It's full of love,
For family and friends,
Of hope for the future,
This love never ends.
So now I have shown you,
The best and worst of me,
So what do you think?
Do you still like what you see?


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