Not Forgotten

There is a grieving inside my soul,
For some one I did not even know,
The brevity of a life lived so well,
The legacy of her name many will tell.
The testimony of her life, sold out for Him,
... Shone brightly for the world, not ever dim.
Now she rejoices in her glorious home,
And I think of her loved ones left alone.
My heart mourns for those who loved her best,
All the "what ifs" and "whys" must give them no rest.
Aching hearts bound up so tight,
Now it is their job to carry on the light.
The hole that she leaves is too large to ignore,
Nothing will ever be the same as before.
But God gave this life and took it away,
He will be our strength and only mainstay.
The days up ahead will be difficult to say the least,
But Oh! look ahead to that glorious feast,
When all will be dimmed by the light of Jesus' face,
I will know you one day, dear Hannah Grace.


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