Open Doors

I ask You Lord for open doors,
For a chance to share Your grace,
To speak to the unbelieving heart,
About the chance to seek Your Face,
To proclaim to the world Your Holy Name,
And how we've grieved it so,
How our whole race has turned away,
O Lord, where can we go?
You, great God, are wholly just,
But pure love just the same,
 How can we ever be saved,
After profaning Your Holy Name?
You, O God, are the only One,
Who can save us from our sin,
To reconcile us with our Creator,
To have a relationship with Him.
So You have sent Your perfect Son,
Born through a virgin birth,
Humbling Himself to live with man,
To love us here on earth.
Fully God and fully man,
He lived a perfect life,
Though He was tempted like as we,
He was sinless in His strife.
Then it did so please God,
To crush His only Son,
To look on Him and pardon me,
And punish Him for what we've done.
He died painfully upon the cross,
And was buried in a tomb,
On the third day He rose again,
And conquered death and doom!
He returned to His Father in glory,
And prepares a place for those,
Who repent and believe in Him,
Them whose name He knows.
So embolden me Lord to share Your truth,
To bring glory to only You,
To turn and give their lives to Christ,
And honor Him in all they do.
I love You Lord and praise Your Name,
I'm in awe of Your wonderful gift,
Use and grow me O Great God,
In Your name, my prayer I lift.


  1. This reminded me a lot of a Psalm! I love it :) Your voice is so earnest and sincere! Keep writin' girly :D

    p.s. I love the last line!! Beautiful.

  2. I am very impressed that you wrote this at 7:35 am! But I could not imagine a better class, Personal Evangelism (or the Gospel class as Pastor Sprott called it) to energize and inspire Christ exalting affections and actions such as this! The Lamb is Worth of the reward of His sufferings!


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