Little Girl

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Little girl 
let down your walls,
Turn around when mercy calls.
Forgive yourself because He forgave,
Don't let your guilt take you to the grave.
Little girl 
let go of your fears,
The ones that cause your many tears,
The Lord Jesus is in total control,
Trust Him now with your troubled soul.
Little girl 
look at me,
Who is it you think you see?
I've been tried and broken too,
Yes I was once just like you.
But there is hope and there is grace,
Found in Jesus' loving face.
There is grace and there is light,
Enough to outlast the darkest night.
Little girl, 
what must you do?
Trust the One who died for you.
He forgave your sins and set you free,
Now live like you were meant to be.


  1. Cool font! And love the photo. :) It's so hard when we as Christians dwell on the past or don't live like we're supposed to. Thanks for the reminder to live in freedom!!


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