You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words! 
But it's so much more than that. Looking at a picture is an instant stimulation to remember so many details about when the picture was taken. 
               Oh that was the night that he said this and it made me laugh. 
                                                           This was the time that she acted so crazy bursting out in song. 
 Not only that, but pictures can help you remember how you felt at that time. 
Pure joy
 Pictures just bring so much back and capture things that would otherwise slip right through our short term memory without ever stopping in the longer term.
   Last night, my sister and I had a wonderful night of goofiness, junk food, and late-night theology with two of our amazing friends. When I got home this morning I realized that we hadn't taken one picture. I didn't have a memento from our time that I could tangibly hold. And I had a moment of 
"aw man!"
   But then I thought about why we didn't take any pictures. It's because we were so much in the moment. I think a lot of the time we find ourselves so concerned with preserving the memories we forget to actually make them. Last night we made memories. We'll preserve them in our minds and if there comes a time when these memories begin to fade, we'll just have to renew them. They won't be the same but they will be just as savory because of the friendship and fellowship that can only be shared by sisters in Christ.

   So a picture is worth a thousand words and I love the memories that they hold. But I want to go out and make memories. I want to be busy living.
 Preserve memories if you can,
But making them is a must!

   This is so different that what I usually do, I hope it makes sense! My words feel clumsy and awkward when they don't rhyme xD :P


  1. I loved this!!! :) I thought about that too. Like, I don't think we took a single photo. Not even of the poncho craziness. I love that we were so caught up in laughing that we didn't, though! It made it more special!

    1. Haha I know right! I saw that your blog post had a similar theme but I still want to post mine cuz it's so true! It was a beautiful thing! :)


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