This Skin I'm In

Sometimes, my skin is on too tight. It wraps me in an uncomfortable hug, the kind that lasts too long and wants to squeeze you all the way to your insides. I feel like everyone notices that it is on too tight, and I am keenly aware that something is making everyone feel very awkward... and I'm beginning to think it's me.

Sometimes, my skin is much too loose. I feel it puddle around my ankles, ashamed because I cannot keep myself together like I should. I have to stand on my tip-toes to see out of my eyes and the world looks huge and frightening to little old me. I feel unequipped for what is asked of me and like this lack of readiness is as evident to those around me as the sagginess of my too-big-skin.

But sometimes, when I am with you, my skin fits just right. Nothing is out of place and the way I interpret things is the way they actually are. I am comfortable and free to move about because there are no fears to restrict or weigh me down. This skin is by no means perfect, but it is wholly mine and I belong in it. Covered in scars and laced with smiles, this just-right-skin is like a pair of old jeans, worn through and through but my favorite nonetheless.

Thank you for friends and family that let me wear my skin.


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