A Prisoner of Hope

I am a prisoner of hope 
There's nothing I can do
For I know that my eternal soul
Is eternally linked to You. 
This chain cannot be broken 
I wouldn't want to try 
For this chain is not a burden
But lets broken wings fly. 
In the darkest night,
And in the deepest pit
This hope pulls me upward
I can't let go of it. 
No matter what has past 
No matter what may be
I am chained by hope to a love 
That will not let go of me. 
I'm clinging to my stronghold 
With assurance ever true
You will restore me yet
You are making me brand new. 
I'm bound by things unseen
A promise anticipated 
Clinging close to the living hope
For whom we all have waited. 
But one day these chains
Will fall to the ground
The realization of our hope
And the joy that will resound. 
Until that long awaited time
I'll stay with the grace that binds
And strive to serve my loving Lord 
With all my strength, soul, heart, and mind. 


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