Buy them here,
These shiny things,
To figure out your worth,
To cover up,
Your fat or bones,
To give you joy and mirth.
Without these things,
You'll never be,
As wonderful as her or him,
But even then,
You'll have to buy,
From me again and again.
So take your baubles,
And buttons home,
And see what they will do.
The things you thought,
Would fix you up,
Turn around and destroy you.
Look at all,
The lies you bought,
And now you can't return.
But still you come,
And buy some more,
When will you ever learn?
Soon you are,
So beaten by,
The lies you bought into,
They pull your hair,
And slap your face,
And eat away at you.
Who can save you,
From yourself,
And these lies that you believe,
Bind your wounds,
Heal your heart,
And all your fears relieve?
The King of kings,
And Lord of lords,
Is also the Author of truth,
He can break,
The power of,
Lies told to you from youth.
He speaks life,
To the world,
Truth to all who will hear,
He will clean you,
Make you new,
To Him you must draw near.
But He won't force,
Or make you leave,
Your bondage or your chains,
The path of freedom,
Is known to you,
Only your choice remains,
To keep your lies,
Or cling to truth,
Yes only your choice remains.


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