All Things

I know that all things,
Work together for good,
Even when they don't go,
Just like I'd hoped they would.
When a job is gone,
Or friends desert,
When I am lost,
Or very deeply hurt.
When things are different,
Than I had planned,
When there's nothing to offer,
In my empty hand.
When I miss the past,

Or dread the things to come,
When I long for things that last,
Or fear where I came from.
When there is no comfort,
From the things that I can see,
When I can't do anything,
To help or better me.
When my tears cannot come,
Or when they will not cease,
When I am completely still,
Or entirely without peace.
I know You are working,
I know You are there,
I will not break down,
I will not despair.
I will trust in You,
I will seek Your face,
Thank You for Your love,
I praise You for Your grace.
Your purposes are right,
Your calling ever true,
I will always only,
Ever trust in You.


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