O Lord, I Am So Weary

O Lord, I am so tired, 
And so weary is my soul,
I'm worn as I look ahead, 
As the past does take it's toll. 
O Lord my soul is thirsty, 
For a long and lasting rest,
For this long race to be over,
For the passing of every test. 
O Father I feel exhausted, 
As the days stretch out ahead, 
Tired of the constant battles, 
Of the tears and blood being shed. 
O Lord the weight is heavy, 
Of the world and all it's strife, 
Of fighting off the devil, 
Of days, of years, of life. 
But You say Your yoke is easy, 
And Your burden, it is light, 
You died to give us living, 
You've fought and won this fight. 
So give me what I need dear Lord, 
Enough bread just for today, 
The future is in Your hands O God, 
I trust every word You say. 
So now I will rest in Your promises, 
And daily renew my soul, 
And work in light of the coming day, 
When all will be rested and whole. 
Hebrews 4:11


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