Beauty in the Becoming

   The world is full of waiting.
In lines, 
at red lights, 
for a child to be born 
Waiting for the news, 
waiting for the answer, 
waiting for a sign. 
 And I can be patient if I know what I'm waiting for. I can work towards what I am waiting for if I know that it will happen in the end. But if it doesn't end up happening, I wish I had never done it in the first place.
What is the point of waiting in line if there is nothing on the other side.
What is the point of waiting if the red light never turns green, I'll just stay where I am.
What is the point of waiting for a child to be born if all of the pain ends with an ending.
Why wait if there is no news?
Why wait if there is no answer?
Why wait if there never is a sign?
Why, why, why?

And I am learning, that it is not always about what is on the other end. As foolish as it sounds to me sometimes the growing, the stretching, the crying, the laughing, the learning...
All this happens in the waiting. It happens in the happening, not in the conclusion.

This is so hard for me to grasp. I don't want to do things if they won't work out or if I don't see the point. But I am not deity and I am not the Author of the universe and I don't get to know the meaning of the meaningless. I do, however, get to know the One who does. And I trust Him. He sees the end and He knows that the vanity of my waiting is not in vain, there will be a resolution, ultimate and eternal.

He knows my name and I am His child and I am asking You O Lord, please teach me that

There is power in the process

There is beauty in the becoming


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