I Can't Do That To Me

I'm falling in love
With who you could be
I've done this before
And look where it got me.
Seeing this potential
Is it a blessing or a curse?
It'll make me love you
For better or for worse
I fall in love
With ambitions and dreams
But it never turns out
Quite how it seems
You see, I see things
You are capable of
And believe you'll do them
Encourage you in love
But in the end these are choices
That you have to make
And trusting you'll make them
Now that's my mistake
You can be the person
I know you are
But unless you reach for it
You won't get very far
I can't make you
Chose the right way
And knowing me
Until you move I'll stay
So instead I'll wait
See what you become
Depending the direction
I'll stay or I'll run.
I still believe
In all that you can be
But I can't love a future you
I can't do that to me


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