Do not leave me here alone,
I'll have to face the things I've known.
I'll have to deal with things done wrong,
I'll have to hear that haunted song.
Face the fears that stalk the night,
Think the thoughts I've fought to fight.
Hear the "what if's" "why's" and "when's",
Feel the weight of all my sins.
Be brought to my knees with my face on the ground,
I cling to the only true hope I've found.
Look to the God that made my heart,
Beg Him for the light of a brand new start.
Fight the battles I'm afraid of loosing,
Make the choices I've avoided choosing.
So you see if you leave me here,
I'll have to face my every fear,
It will be so hard and take so long,
But maybe I need this, I need Him to be strong,
Maybe I've been brought to this place,
So I will seek God's holy face.


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