The Time

That was the time I wore a jacket in 90 degree weather to keep my insides from falling out. When I sat under the table partially to observe, but mostly for attention. When I thought I was big even though I wasn't. When we made waffles and stayed up late and everything was new and exciting.

This is the time when you avoid me like the plague. When it's awkward when there is less then 7 people with us in the room. When sometimes you make casual convo, but usually you just ignore me. When I see you and it ruins my mood instead of making it.

I'm hoping for the time when we won't turn away if we catch each other's eye. When we can shake hands and wish each other well and truly mean it. When we can close this chapter of our lives and stand on the other end as friends. When we can look at the memories and not cringe. This is something to work for
Now is the time 


  1. "When I see you and it ruins my mood instead of making it." I know that feeling to a T. And this was my favorite post yet! The picture is so powerful; it literally takes me back to those days. You are such a great writer!!

    1. Thank you Erin! Your comment means a lot to me!


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