Hey You!

   Have you ever noticed that you pay so much more attention when some one actually includes your name in what your saying? Like, if some one says "That was really cool", you're just like, oh that's cool. But if some one says (using just a random name here) "Jane, that was really cool", idk it just like means more and it catches your attention better.      Also, with things that are more serious, or things that can mean a lot, it just seems to mean more or to be so special.  Ex: "I love you", or "Jane, I love you". Doesn't kinda make you take a moment, catch a breath? Or how about "I know you are always there for me" or " Jane, you are always there for me". Doesn't it make you stop and listen to what the person is actually saying? And then it makes you feel like they mean it more because they took the time to make it personal, to say your name so that you know that they aren't just saying it, that they mean it and they mean it for you, or they really want to share something with you. Why are names weird like that?
      Because on the other hand, what exactly is a name? It's just something you associate with something. Something that you call something. Dictionary.com describes name as "a word or a combination of words by which a person, place, or thing, a body or class, or any object of thought is designated, called, or known." We merely have names so that we have ways to talk about other people, to distinguish one from the other.
    Maybe that's why your name hold such power over you. When you're in trouble it's terrifiying to hear your name used. When some one you care about, a friend or a family member, uses your name, it's almost touching, and it makes you feel special, gives extra meaning to what they are saying. It's because they are distinguishing you from others.
   If using your name sets you apart, makes what people are saying almost belong to you, then no wonder it is a great sin to use God's name in vain. Not that a name is everything, but a name is a representation of a person. God is holy and powerful and awesome and mighty and so many other things, so using His name in vain is just aweful, it's tarnishing all that He is.
    So names are important because of what they stand for, not for what they are. If my name was A, I wouldn't really like it lolz but! I would still be me, and everything that they think of when they think of me would still come to their minds when they thought of A....
    So yeah, idk why I have names on the brain today, but I did and now you know what I thought about it. Idk if it makes sense to you, but hey, it's not your blog! lolz
I hope you are having a great day and never forget the greatness of God!

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."



  1. Haha :) I was totally going to post a comment saying the Shakespeare line, but you beat me to it ;)


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