Random Thoughts of Me

     As I sit here in the student lounge, I realize something. This couch smells. Like sweat and it's really gross. I also realize that I really like Relient K. Some of their music just cracks me up, and some of there music is sweet and some of it is serious and it's hard to find a band that has all of that. I also realize that I sat down to this blog I really had nothing to write about, so I'm just rambling.
      Somedays just feel like that don't they? They just feel like you are rambling on and on and you forget what you're even doing. But God has a purpose for your life. Maybe we should stop just rambling, and shut up and listen? I swear technology has made Americans all like chronically hyper-active and we can't sit down and shut up for two seconds. But what are we missing when we're just rambling cuz we feel like we have to have something going on? Some of the best things happen in silence. So why aren't we quiet more often? I think that maybe it's because silence is also pretty freakin scary. Our imagination and our thoughts can be some of the best things, but I know that the things that I have imagined in my worst dreams are far scarier than anything that could be portrayed on screen. Also, there are things that we think about that we all don't want to think about, and when you take the time to think about them, you actually have to feel. Which is something we need to do. God made us with emotions, with a conscious for a reason. So being quiet, feeling, listening, just stopping for a few minutes, it's beautiful.
    How did we get here from a smelly couch?
     So yeah, this is prolly going to be how my blogs are going to go, random thoughts of mine, a glimpse inside my brain. It's very confusing in there, scary too, but quite often it's kinda cool, I usually like it in there xD
~God is great and people are crazy

Speaking of Relient K and my thoughts, this song kinda fits...


  1. AHH this is my third time writing this comment:
    "Ahh I love this blog and I love you!!! <3 "


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