Sometimes I Wish

Sometimes I wish I was brave enough to try new things,
But I feel like a bird with two broken wings.
Unable to move from the place I reside,
Wondering what lays on the other side.
But then I'm not sure, if my wings were right,
If I would leave this place one night.
They say the devil you know is better than the one you don't,
But how will you ever know if you won't,
Lift off from the place that made you you,
Where you laughed and cried and screamed and grew.
But season change and as we see,
People do too, why is this so hard for me?
The grass is always greener on the other side,
But how do you know unless you have tried?
There's a world full of possibilities scary and great,
And I am not ready, but how long do I wait?
If I stay where I am will I ever be able,
To stand on the edge, go out on that cable?
I have no clue where to go,
So I turn to the only one I know,
Oh God Your child is crying to You,
Where do I go, what do I do?
I don't know where to go from here,
I'm frozen in time, bound by my fear,
I'm listening Lord, please give me a sign,
How do I make this work out fine?
How do I grow and change and transform?
How do I break out of my everyday norm?
I'm stuck in a rut, from day to day,
To afraid to go, I always stay.
Is this what I should do, is it right?
Please lead me from here, into Your light.


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