So yeah I don't know what to write about today, so I'll just start from here I guess. I'm listening to music, hoping it will inspire me. I guess that's an okay topic, what inspires you? What is inspiration? I was going to use the definition, but it's lame, it's like inspiration is something like an inspiring influence. Wow. Thanks that's really great.
     But I do like that inspiration also means to breathe in. Idk it's prolly kind of corny, but I like that things that make you want to dance, want to sing, want to write, want to learn, want to teach, want to grow, want to become a better person, that the word for those things is the same word that is used for drawing in a breath.
    The things that make you stop and breath in, whether in a casual way, because they are always there, or in a sharp, sudden way, because they are so amazing or beautiful, those things are most often our inspiration.
   Inspiration is caused by things that cause inspiration.
Okay yeah that is cheesey, but it sounds cool lolz. So yeah I guess that's it for today, didn't really have much to say. So yeah bye.
“Inspiration usually comes during work, rather than before it.”~Anonymous as far as I know lolz


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