I'm feeling write-y

So a week ago today, my very awesome boyfriend gave me like the best surprise. He flew home from college in Ohio on his fall break and surprised me at school with a dozen roses and he just really rocks. So naturally I wanted to tell everybody. And sometimes twice lolz. It's a ssomething that I like to tell because he did something so special and sweet for me that I just can't help but want to share it and re-live it. People like to share things that people do for them that made them feel special or things that are really great, and out of the ordinary.
 So if I am so ready to share with all of my friends what my boyfriend did for me, wouldn't I be even more ready to share with them about something even better than that? One would think. But what Jesus did for me, dying on a cross for my sins, is the best most amazing thing that anyone could ever do for me, and it's a free gift that I could never pay for anyway, so why am I not shouting that to the clouds and showing the world?
  I'm not justifying it, but I think that part of the reason that we don't go around yelling to the world how awesome God is is that alot of people know about God. Maybe they don't even know true things about God, but they already have a pre-concieved notion of God, and there's this fear or nagging thought that nobody will want to hear what you have to say anyways. But you never know until you ask them, or until you tell them, and maybe even if they aren't open to hearing it but they will get something from what you are saying anyways.
 Also, God's mercies are new every morning and He blesses us everyday. That should make us ever more grateful and excited, but because we are stupid humans, we usually just get used to it, and even have the nerve to expect it. God is so amazing and He deserves our praise with every breathe that we take. Much easier said than done, but it is def. my prayer to share the gospel and praise God more constantly in my everyday life.


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